On 28 February 2024, the Indian Navy arrested five men in a joint operation with the Narcotics control Bureau (NCB) and Gujrat Anti-Terrorism Squad for smuggling drugs through the Gujrat coast from an Iranian boat. The seized drugs are approximately 3,300 kg and among the largest drug smuggling.

As per the Defence Ministry, the smuggling is the largest drug haul seized in recent times.
Additionally, the Indian Navy post on Twitter and confimed that the seized drugs contain 3,086 Charas, 158 kg Methamphetamine and 25kg Morphine.

Following, the incident, Indian Navy bought the seized boar to the Porbandar Port and the Gujarat Police arrested 5 men with a foreign nationals.

According to the senior officer of Gujrat police, none of the detained foreigners carry any identification with them.

Further investigation in the case is undergoing.

By Joisha Verma
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